Game Amusements has been involved in the coin operated amusement sector for over a quater of a century, supplying both domestic and commercial establishments with quality equipment throughout Ireland. With a company policy of 'service is our success' our relationship with the customer does not end at point of sale. Regardless of whatever jukebox you select you can be assured of a comprehensive back up service.
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The Bubbler Music Centre is the next generation in luxury music systems for the home. The  is a full-service music management system that allows you to load, organize, and play your CD music collection with a touch of your finger.


  • 160GB of Storage can accommodate up to 2800 CDs "equivalent to 40,000 songs", depending on compression preference. This stored CD information becomes an on-screen catalog, allowing the music lover to browse a collection by Artist, Album, Genre, and more! Create and store multiple playlists with a theme - play a whole album or just a tune. Imagine all your favorite albums available for play at a finger touch!
  • Backup your data and restore to and from an external hard drive.
  • iPod™ Integration Drag and drop graphical interface to quickly and easily create playlists and transfer them to your iPod with one button press. Automatically handles file format conversion and transfers your tracks, album art and playlists. You can even control what quality is used for the transfer by selecting either .wav transfers for perfect quality, or.mp3 compression to maximize storage.
  • Automatic Internet Updates upgrades and enhancements will be automatically downloaded via the Internet
  • Photo Screensaver The screensaver now allows you to specify any network location as the source of images to display while the screensaver is active. Display family photos or any customized imagery you desire.
  • CD Burning Burn full-quality audio CDs using your stored playlists or the Now Playing Queue with only a couple of button presses. Easily rearrange track order and make custom mix discs from your library.
  • Import Media Users that have already ripped or digitally stored their music can now easily import their digital music collections from other PCs, servers or external USB drives. Recognizes already ripped or downloaded files and retrieves and cleans up associated meta-data including cover art, all automatically. No more duplicates, misspelled artists, missing cover art, etc.
  • Customize your album art Quickly and easily import your own album covers for your personal compilation CDs or to customize covers for any album in your collection.
  • Auto Magic Touchscreen™ controls for everything.
  • Browse your music collection on screen by Title, Artist, Genre, or other criteria.
  • Build and save custom playlists that set a mood or celebrate an occasion. Let the Music Centre create playlists based on Theme, Tone, Style, or Era, automatically using the built-in Tapestry interface.
  • A variety of quality compression options are supported, including near-CD quality compression.
  • Double tap any song for a 7 second preview.
  • Touch a song and drag it to the play list.
  • Move any song to the top of the play list.
  • 5-band graphic equalizer has on-screen control and ensures peak settings to suit your tastes.
  • The user-managed SoftFade™ engine delivers incredibly smooth crossfading and soft volume transitions in multiple modes.
  • Password protection options control access to volume, settings and playlists as desired.
  • Solid, hardwood and veneered cabinet with the distinctive 4-color spectrum bubble tubes and die-cast metal details.
  • The QB-PV is the first Home entertainment jukebox to feature the Peavey 900 watt amplifier from the Rock-Ola commercial line.


  • Height: 61"
  • Width: 33.5"
  • Depth: 26.75"
  • Weight: 284lbs