Game Amusements has been involved in the coin operated amusement sector for over a quater of a century, supplying both domestic and commercial establishments with quality equipment throughout Ireland. With a company policy of 'service is our success' our relationship with the customer does not end at point of sale. Regardless of whatever jukebox you select you can be assured of a comprehensive back up service.
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Even more thrilling than the first version, Sega Rally 2 is here! Super visuals and all the feel of rally racing packed into one explosive game. Surrounded by beautiful scenery, the road is transformed into the ultimate stage as the hottest machines around take to the streets.

Race your car around the tracks and earn extra time by reaching checkpoints. There are two modes: Practice and Championship. In Practice mode, you race against one or more cars by selecting one of four tracks and racing a number of laps. In Championship mode you race an equal number of laps per course and each successive track becomes more difficult. You compete against 14 other cars that are either computer or player controlled. There is also a View Change button that lets the player choose between two different driving perspectives: behind the car and inside the car. The tracks are as follows: Desert (easy), Mountain (medium), Snow (expert), and Riviera (Final).

Ford, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Renault, Lancia Delta and a Stratos, Toyota Corolla and GT4 are the fabulously polygonized rally cars in this game. With dirt/dust/snow texture maps and glowing brake discs, the cars are the most detailed cars ever seen in a video game. Notice the car body's reflection, window reflections and also the back lights of the cars.

  • Please note: Delivery is to a groundfloor location
  • All games operate as "plug in and play" with an on/off switch located to the rear or underneath
  • Game Amusements recommend that video game equipment is kept at room temperature
  • Please note: cabinet may vary from shown - this product is subject to a refurbishment process by trained  Game Amusements technicians


  • Height: 64.21"
  • Width: 82.52"
  • Depth: 69.93"
  • Weight: 1168.45lbs


  • Twin Seat - Racing
  • Year 1998
  • Power 240v / 770w